OKBET Boxing Betting Odds, Picks: How to Watch Vergil Ortiz Jr. vs. Michael McKinson

OKBET Boxing Betting Odds, Picks How to Watch Vergil Ortiz Jr. vs. Michael McKinson
  • The fight between Vergil Ortiz Jr. and Michael McKinson will take place on Saturday, August 6 at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST).
  • Ortiz Jr. is an overwhelming favorite to win the fight that is scheduled to take place at Dickies Arena.
  • Check out the odds, analysis, and predictions for the Ortiz Jr. vs. McKinson fight down below.

This Saturday’s fight between Michael McKinson and Vergil Ortiz Jr. will take place at Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas, and will be broadcast on DAZN. In terms of the odds for Ortiz Jr. vs. McKinson, the former is a massive favorite to win over the latter and is currently priced at -1800.

Let’s take a look at the odds that OKBET Sportsbook has posted for the fight between Vergil Ortiz Jr. and Michael McKinson before we recommend a wager for the fight.

This bout features two boxers who have never been defeated going up against each other; on Saturday night, someone’s perfect record will end.

Ortiz Jr. vs McKinson Odds

Vergil Ortiz Jr.-1800
Michael McKinson+800

These two were supposed to square off against one another earlier in the year, and they are now making good on the bout that was canceled earlier.

Vergil Ortiz Jr.’s Betting Outlook vs. McKinson

Ortiz Jr. is widely regarded as one of the most exciting fighters competing at 147 pounds on the planet at the present time.

Since it has been almost an entire year since he last competed, he is eager to get back into the game and put forth his best effort against McKinson.

Ortiz Jr. is one of the few high-level fighters in the sport who has finished all of his opponents. He has a finishing rate of one hundred percent, making him one of the rarest fighters in the sport. As a professional boxer, he has never been defeated in more than eight rounds by his opponents.

The current WBO international welterweight champion Ortiz Jr. achieved his most recent victory over a boxer who had previously competed for a world title, and he intends to continue paving the way toward achieving his own world title.

If Ortiz Jr. can pull off a statement victory like this one, it shouldn’t be too long before he starts getting called out to fight the likes of Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr.

The phenom, who is only 24 years old, will compete against an intriguing opponent who has the advantage of experience in the coming days in the hopes of notching yet another title defense.

Michael McKinson’s Betting Outlook vs Ortiz Jr.

McKinson is more of a fighter with a defensive mindset and a speedy style. To bring his style together, he adds just a touch of awkwardness to it.

The current champion of the WBO Global welterweight division most certainly does not carry himself in a manner that suggests he is a massive underdog, and “The Problem” views himself as one of Ortiz Jr.’s toughest tests to date.

McKinson is a skilled southpaw, but in comparison to Ortiz Jr., he has one of the lowest finishing rates in the sport as a whole. This puts him in direct opposition to Ortiz Jr.

The reaches of both men are comparable, indicating that their physiques are quite comparable to one another.

Ortiz Jr. vs McKinson Tale of the Tape

Ortiz Jr.Vs.McKinson

Prediction for the Match Between Ortiz Jr. and McKinson

This prizefight is supposed to go for twelve rounds, but I anticipate the referee stopping it before the end of it.

The proposition bet that this fight will be stopped before its scheduled finish time offers excellent value. In addition, I believe that a prop bet on Ortiz Jr. winning via knockout or technical knockout is a good one to go with for the boxing fireworks that will take place on Saturday.

The fact that McKinson’s fighting style is so evasive and tricky leads me to believe that the fight will be stopped in the middle to later rounds. In this regard, I believe that a group round betting prop on Ortiz Jr. prevailing between rounds 7-9 offers the greatest potential return on investment.

Pick: Vergil Ortiz Jr. (-1800)

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